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Liam Scarlett, new "semi-narrative work" for the Royal

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The current (Feb. 18-24) edition of The Economist includes full page notice (with photo) devoted to Liam Scarlett, including a brief summary of his career and choreography so far. I regret that I could not create a Link to this, but here's the paragraph relevant to his new commission from the Royal Ballet.

Scarlett's next Royal Ballet commission is a semi-narrative work based on Walter Sickert's Camden Town Murder paintings. Again [as with "Asphodel Meadows"] he will choreograph to the piano, "the most human instrument there is," with just three musicians in the pit playing Rachmaninov's Trio No 2. A career as a pianist has long been his other dream, but he can't escape his vocation. "I can never listen to music without seeing steps."

For a glimpse of the 1907 crime that is Scarlett's inspiration, see below:


I would have thought this was more in the league of the late Kenneth MacMillan, though he tended to focus on the more glamorous classes when it came to picking sensational stories, as in Mayerling and Manon. It will be interesting of what Scarlett makes of this.

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