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MCB Dancers talk about the Live Orchestra experience

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There's an especially interesting video on the MCB blog -- four dancers talking about why they value dancing to the music of a live orchestra.

I always enjoy hearing MCB dancers talk about their art. As an audience member, it helps me to understand more about the complex experience that goes into making a ballet performance. On this video, soloists Amanda Weingarten and Callie Manning, corps man Bradley Dunlop, and principal Yann Trividic offer a perceptive and articulate defense of the benefits of live music from the dancer's point of view.


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I greatly enjoyed watching this bart....thanks. I could just eat up Amanda Weingarten......she was so authentic and enrolling. If lived in Miami and had a few bucks, my checkbook would have to come out after listening to her!

P.S. We are so lucky here in Seattle. I've never known a season without an orchestra.

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