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I'm new to the site but not exactly new to the art. I was first interested in ballet at around age 12 after reading Swan by Ariyoshi Kyoko (it's manga from the 70's and it has 21 volumes (so far only 15 have been translated)). I absolutely fell in love with the manga but the images could only convey so much I was interested in seeing the real application (especially of the grand fouetté en tournant) so I did some youtubing. The first video I saw was Svetlana Zakharova dancing the Odette variation and my God I was literally spellbound. Since then, I've had quite the interest in ballet.

To date my favorite ballets are Giselle and Swan Lake. When it comes to Swan Lake I find myself sympathizing with Odile over Odette I think there's a lot more to that character that's never been developed. >.>

And that's all I've got to say :excl:

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