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A Gentle Reminder from the Moderators

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As the season gets going, I wanted to point out to newcomers, and remind oldcomers, of the tone of the site.

When we started this board, its purpose was to have serious conversations about BALLET, not this or that dancer's instep, teeth, or eyelashes. Remember that dancers read these boards. So please refrain from making personal swipes, and think before you write. It's easy to get carried away in the heat of battle, but self-censorship has its place.

Another thing we'd ask you to remember is that these boards are not intended to be My Favorite Dancer Booster Boards. Everyone has favorite dancers, and they might not be yours. Constantly reminding us that there has never been a more perfect dancer than X or Y (or its inverse!) sets people's teeth on edge, and will not have the desired effect.

The most important thing to remember is that this is a discussion board that welcomes a variety of opinions. The discussion evolves and nobody’s word is final. We'd ask you not to keep making the same points over and over (twice is enough; if they don't get it after reading it twice, move on.)

We want everyone to feel welcome on this and all the Ballet Talk forums. Everyone needs to feel comfortable posting. If you're looking to be Forum Leader, the place for that is not here, but in a blog. We have a blog option; it's free. If you'd rather go off-site, there are many free blog programs available.

I'm going to close this thread, as it's just a Reminder and not a discussion topic. I hope I won't have to bump it up as the season progresses!

Thank you, and enjoy the season!

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