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Jester's music in Swan Lake

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I'm curious about the music that's often used for the Jester's variation in Swan Lake. Here's a video featuring it:

Is this from the original 1877 score (obviously intended for something other than the Jester), was it exhumed when the SL Lake was put together for the Bourmeister version or did Gorsky insert some other piece of music when he created the Jester's role? In either case, what was this originally intended for and is it even by Tchaikovsky?

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Yes, that is part of Tchaikovsky's score for Swan Lake. It is listed as a dance for the corps de ballet and dwarves (if I remember correctly) and it occurs after the opening march in Act III, just as in that video.

Thanks. I'd heard that "dance of the dwarfs" mentioned before, but never knew what it was.

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