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Dance films at the National Gallery of Art free

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Elliot Caplan and American Ballet Theater dancers in person

World premiere

Days 12 & 13 from Elliot Caplan's extraordinary 15 Days of Dance documentary is followed by a discussion with Caplan and two dancers from American Ballet Theater. Meticulously recording the process of creating a new ballet through the interactions of dancers and choreographer, the film becomes "an extended rumination on the making of art"—Ann Murphy. (Elliot Caplan, 2009, HDCam,

A film and video tribute to the late cultural icon and choreographer Merce Cunningham (1919–2009)—legendary dancer and "the Balanchine of his generation"—includes onstage discussions with filmmaker Elliot Caplan and media historian John Hanhardt.

http://www.nga.gov/programs/film/ Here's the schedule this weekend

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