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Spotlight Forum Interview with Nina Ananiashvili


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This evening I attended the Spotlight Forum wherein Alessandra Ferri interviewed Nina Ananiashvili. I can't begin to describe how luminescent Nina was. First of all, no matter how magnificent she looks on stage, she is, if it can be possible, as beautiful if not more beautiful in person. Or perhaps you expect it on stage, with makeup and costumes. In person she was ravishing, utterly charming, and someone who has been chosen by the Gods, if such there be. She and Alessandra talked spontaneously and with much humor, revealing their engaging personalities in much of which was spontaneous conversation, although the questions were prepared (I wasn't sure whether the answers were.) Both were extremely articulate in languages not their own. It was a privilege to be there and now my only problem is how to go on living in the world as an ordinary mortal.


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