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Encounters with Dancers


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I am sure that many of you have met dancers over the years. It would be interesting to share your stories.

I was very fortunate to have met and talked with Rudolf Nureyev numerous times. He was very warm and friendly, interesting and interested - never rushing through a conversation and giving one his complete attention. We had a great chat after Boston opening of "The King and I." It was still early in the tour, so Rudi was still enjoying the play and having fun, but greatly missing dance. He had such a terrific sense of humor.

I also knew several former Boston Ballet principles, David Brown, Marie Christine Mouis, Daniel Meja, and the beautiful Laura Young. Very nice people, but rather shy (as are most dancers). Bruce Marks was the BB's AD then and a wonderful, personable man. He did a lot for the BB.

Please share your memories.

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