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Whelan interview:

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"I didn't understand the Romantic Balachine; I didn't even want to watch it that much, I was so intrigued with the athleticism."

She may have said similiar things elsewhere for publication, but I was struck by that comment of Wendy Whelan's in an interview in the February 2008 edition of The Dancing Times (a publication now carried by Barnes and Noble). The remarkable way she's extended her range from "The Cage" and Balanchine's black and white ballets to softer roles (I remember being astonished at how lovely she was in the Act 2 divertissement of A Midsummer Night's Dream way back in 1995) has been much noted, so it's interesting that when asked to characterize herself as a dancer today, she doesn't just say she's found her "romantic side," she now positively calls herself a "lyrical dancer."

At another point, talking about bridging Balanchine to "the next step" she remarks that

"There is a lot of abstraction and androgyny now in ballet, and maybe I helped open that up! We don't all have to be Barbie on pointe!"

Asked if she'd like to dance Giselle, she says she doesn't necessarily have to "perform a ballet," but likes to "try on clothes" the studio to "see if they fit." I also love the fact that even though she never met Balanchine, she thinks about him every day, hoping she's "doing his work well enough for him."

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yeah that's cool. I like it too. I have never heard of that publication I'll have to look for it next time I go to B&N.

Great, dulcinea91! When you find it, let us know what you find interesting.

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From what I've read, Whelan has shown amazing growth in this latter stage of her career. I regret that I only saw the young Whelan -- pretty impressive and very original, but not as rich and deep a dancer as she has become.

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