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Another warning about declining education in the arts

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In today's Links thread, Mme. Hermine has included an article from the Guardian reporting a warning from Sir Richard Eyre, head of Britain's National Theater, concerning the continuing decline in education and funding in the arts and its affects on children and the future of the classical arts in general.

We've talked about this periodically, but it's importance makes it the "issue that will not go away." Now might be a chance for more ideas -- horror stories or hero stories -- or whatever you want to add to the discussion.

For those who missed the article, it's here:

A warning from Sir Richard Eyre:


Identifying a chasm between those who feel the arts are for them and those who are disenfranchised, Eyre said failure to instil in schoolchildren an appreciation of theatre, art and classical music means the situation is deteriorating. The director is concerned that the next generation will turn its back on the world of classical art and entertainment....He blamed a heavy focus on testing in schools for leaving teachers too little time to provide adequate drama and music in the classroom. He also attacked the BBC for failing to provide programmes, as he said it once did, that inspire people to visit museums, galleries or theatres.

What do you think?

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