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Bonynge's Don Quixote PDD: A Mystery

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I recently bought the Japanese re-issue of the Decca LA BAYADERE (cond. Bonynge) which has two additional tracks, the PDDs from PAQUITA and DON QUIXOTE.

See link: http://www.hmv.co.jp/product/detail/2540452

I already had both these PDDs in my Fete du Ballet (Australian) set, or so I thought... When listening to the DQ PDD from this Japanese set the other day, I noticed within a few seconds that it wasn't the same performance that I had been used to from Fete du Ballet! Even thought the notes are in Japanese, this track is listed as being with the LSO, and recorded in November 1962, the same as in the Fete du Ballet set.

Yet, althought its clearly the SAME ORCHESTRATION (unattributed) it is definately a DIFFERENT PERFORMANCE or at the very least a different "take" from the same sessions. In terms of the performance there is the odd slightly longer/shorter pause here and there, the odd accent placed a bit differently, mostly quite subtle things. Plotting the waveforms (on WAV editing software) of the two tracks confirmed that they are both very similar but not identical.

The fact that the sound quality varies (cleaner Japanese sound vs. more "ambient" but slightly shrill Australian sound) could have something to do with them being remastered differently. Also the Australian version is slightly faster, shorter (8.13 vs. 8.50) and sharp compared to the Japanese one. I suspect one of the two was not remastered at the correct pitch.

I wonder if anyone can shed some light on this. Did Bonynge make more than one recording of it and maybe one of these is not the stated "November 1962" one?

Also I'm curious who orchestrated this version. It doesn't say in the Fete du Ballet booklet, although the Paquita Grand Pas (elsewhere in Fete du Ballet) is attributed to Peter Marsh. Are the altenative Paquita PDD (a shorter version) and the Don Quixote PDD (discussed above) also his orchestrations? It's a shame the Fete du Ballet booklet is so vague ragarding these mattters...

Jack Murray


PS. Tonight I'm seeing the touring Bolshoi Le Corsaire! :)

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