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Folks, it's summer and a time for transition for many ballet companies. All of us want to know what's happening with our favorite dancers and companies, but please remember the board's policy.

If you're posting company news, especially personnel issues, there has to be an official, published source, and it's best if you include the link in your post.


  • Press releases
  • Company web site
  • Newspaper article.


  • Verbal conversations, no matter how reliable the source. The only exception to this rule is if a company official states or announces something in a public Q&A. Alexei Ratmansky coming out and promoting a dancer in a curtain speech would be reportable, but your conversation with the dancer, even if it's the dancer involved isn't.
  • Blogs, except for company blogs and professionally sourced blogs. Unless the blog has a quasi-official status, assume that it isn't kosher - or ask us.

A personnel issue isn't a always done deal before it's all over Lincoln Center Plaza. Sometimes a verbal conversation isn't meant to be repeated or posted publicly. These are the reasons for these rules and we try to apply them consistently - if you see something without a source, it's been posted by a "foreign correspondent" or an "editorial advisor." Please abide by these rules. We're a discussion site, not a news site - we're not here for "scoops."

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