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Atlanta Ballet's The Great Gatsby


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Did anyone have a chance to see Atlanta Ballet's The Great Gatsby? It was truly fabulous -- great reviews and standing ovations at every show. Lauri Stallings, who is Atlanta Ballet's choreographer in residence, choreographed an entirely new production, working with AD John McFall. It was such a departure from Atlanta Ballet's traditional fare -- and the company rose to the occasion spectacularly. Courtney Necessary was one of the dancers cast as Daisy, and she was so beautiful and ethereal. Jonah Hooper was Gatsby, and he was fabulous as well. Hope some of you were able to see it.

Lauri Stallings was in this month's Dance Magazine as one of the "25 to Watch." She is such a creative force and has made quite a name for herself. She is choreographing a world premiere for Atlanta Ballet which will be performed in March if anyone is interested.

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Thanks for reporting on this, bbd. Here's a LINK to an Atlanta Constitution review, provided earlier by dirac on 2/9:

Atlanta Ballet

It isn’t perfect. There are parts of it that still need major tweaking. But the basics are firmly in place: The Atlanta Ballet’s “The Great Gatsby” is a major coup. The audience at the Fox Theater last night was still on its feet and cheering by the third curtain call; can this really be the sonambulet “Nutcracker” crowd?

For that matter, can these really be the “Nutcracker” dancers?

Yes, and that is one of this troupe’s proudest stocks-in-trade: versatility. Put these willing, youthful bodies in the right choreographic hands and watch what happens, especially when the material teems with some of the most intriguing characters ever to emerge from the pen of F. Scott Fitzgerald. You remember them from high school — Gatsby, Daisy, Tom Buchanan, Nick Carraway, Jordan.

And by the way, welcome to Ballet Talk. We look forward to hearing more about Atlanta Ballet.

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