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Tsiskaridze - Birthday performance

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Is there anyone who saw Nikolai Tsiskaridze's birthday performance on 31st December who can report on the performance? I am pleased to note that he is dancing with Lunkina again - it seemed to me that their partnership was being neglected a bit lately and I think they both look and dance extremely well together. I am sure Lunkina must be an enchanting Masha.

I wonder how many dancers perform regularly on their birthdays?

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There are 7 photographs here from that performance:


I went to Denmark in October to see Bolshoi's two performances of "Giselle" with Tsiskaridze and Lunkina.

You are right, Ostrich, their personalities compliment each other very well.

I am looking forward now to the 28th of January when they will be dancing Act 2 from "The Nutcracker" at Grigorovich's gala at Covent Garden.

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