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D'Amboise: The Mind in Dance

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The summer 2006 issue of the journal Daedalus has a brief (page and a half) article by Jacques D'Amboise entitled "The Mind in Dance." It's largely about the mental exercises he would do before dancing, visualizing himself executing the steps.

D'Amboise also remembers that Conrad Ludlow and Nureyev would warm up in stocking caps. Nureyev: "It all comes from the brain to the feet. If the brain is warm, it gets to the feet faster." He also writes of times on stage when "time slowed down markedly" and he could observe himself dancing.

Daedalus puts back issues online here, so it's to be expected that D'Amboise's article will be available in the fall. In the meantime, a paper copy of the summer issue is $13.

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