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The Kirov (1991) performance of the Prokofiev/Grigorovich "Stone Flower" is now available "up there" at Amazon, and supposedly the Bolshoi (1990) performance will be quite soon. Since both have a been available on video tape for some time, and both are already available on DVD in Europe, can anyone compare the two versions?

Some details:

Kirov: Polikarpova, Gulyaev, Terekhova, Babanin; conductor (after all, the music is by Prokofiev, so this should matter) Viliumanus.

Bolshoi: Semenyaka, Dorokhov, Semisorova, Vetrov; conductor Kopilov.

For those in NYC, CUNY TV has scheduled a telecast of the Bolshoi version on Sunday, October 30 at 2 PM.

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