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The past few weeks have been difficult for us. We understand that when there are questions about a popular dancer -- injury, joining or leaving a company, etc. -- that people want to know, and in our time of instant communications, they want to know NOW. We have tried to explain, over and over, that we do not allow posts about events which have not yet been covered in print or an official announcement from the company. We have explained the reasons for this. At least 95 percent of the people who post here understand them, and follow the rules. But there are those who constantly push it, "forget," or think that we are plain wrong and they're going to do it anyway.

Perhaps it's time for those who feel this way to start another message board, where you can set the rules and chat about anything you want. There are at least two free ones I know -- http://www.ezboard.com/ and http://groups-beta.google.com. You don't need a website; they're standalone. You can set up an ezboard in five minutes -- I did, years ago, when we tried to have a companion board to Ballet Talk for modern dance. It's easy to use and looks very much like this one.

I'm quite serious about this. If you decide to set up such a board, we wish you well, and we'll probably read you! You'll still be welcome to post here, as long as you follow our rules.

If you choose to stay, though, please give the Moderators a break. They've spent the past few weeks doing little else but sweeping up after those who just have to dish. We'd like them to be able to read, post and enjoy the board.

Six years ago, I founded this board to be "a place for civilized discourse about ballet." I did not intend the site to become a ballet version of the Drudge Report. We'd like to go back to the days where, when people came here to ask a question, it was,"Which is the missing movement of Western Symphony, and what happened to it?" Not, "So have you heard that La Sublimova is leaving and may possibly sign with the Ballet Russe, although my friend who really knows what's what says she might be forming her own company."

This is an announcement, not for discussion. We've publicly discussed the gossip policy many times, the last in January, when it was the overwhelming sense of the board to keep it.

Thank you.

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