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Swan Lake productions


What's the Best Swan Lake production today?  

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  1. 1. What's the Best Swan Lake production today?

    • 1. ABT's (McKenzie)
    • 2. NYCB's (Martins)
    • 3. Royal Ballet's (Dowell)
    • 4. POB's (Nureyev)
    • 5. Kirov (Sergeyev)
    • 6. Other (please specify)

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for some odd reason(s) the ABT linc.cent. telecasts that were realeasd commercially by 'bel canto'? w/ makarova - SWAN LAKE w/ nagy and GISELLE w/ baryshnikov - were withdrawn early and never picked up by other videocassette or dvd distributors. both come up at irregular intervals on ebay, tho' who knows if these used cassettes are in good condition.

Thank you rq for the info! I think my only recourse is to have my VHS repaired and transfer it onto DVD. Hey, maybe I should make some copies and sell them?

I made a typo re: Makarova's fouettes. Her 32 fouettes was the weakest part of the perfomance for me. But, her transformation to Odile in facial expression alone was perfect. In Act III when Rothbart presents her to Seigfried, Makarova's eyes and her deliberate offering of her hand, was special. She tops my list as the best Odette/Odile. Nagy is unassuming yet partners her well.

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Makarova's Odile was shocking, and yet it was shocking like Yelena Karagina in War and Peace (played in the Ferrer movie by Anita Ekberg), whom Tolstoy describes as somehow always suggestively obscene and yet maintaining an atmosphere of complacent propriety at all times in public.

I remember seeing Makarova when she first came to San Francisco -- when she was presented to the queen, she sank into a fantastically deep reverence, with the back leg in arabesque a terre, and when she came back up she looked the queen in the eye and gave her a tiny pelvic thrust -- BUMP! -- very slight, unmisunderstandable, brazen-faced. The queen looked totally stunned for a split second and then became bland and complacent again as if it had not happened.

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