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Introduction to this Forum

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I've wanted to have a forum that discusses ballets in detail -- choreography, costumes, sets, mime/dramaturgy, changes, etc. -- for some time and think that we now have enough people who might be interested in both reading and contributing to such a forum. Here's the idea:

We'll take a Ballet of the Month (although that "month" could last as much or as little time as we need to exhaust the subject) and use it to compare notes and ask questions about productions of that ballet we've seen. We have people with so many different experiences -- of both time and place -- that I think it could be very interesting. We'll also start to build up a "data base" of information on Giselles that might be both interesting and useful.

I thought I'd start with Giselle. I'm going to put up some questions (I'll start with two or three and add more later. Of course, others may ask questions they've always had about Giselle as well).

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