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DTH at the Kennedy Center

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DTH's Balanchine program, which is on tonight and tomorrow, is worth fighting the traffic to go see. (Tonight's rush hour is predicted to be ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE and the Kennedy Center, I"m told, has emailed subscribers and suggested they take the subway.)

It's worth it, if for no other reason to see Alicia Graf, back after a career-threatening injury, and a ballerina with several capital Bs. She did the Agon pas de deux last night. She's down for Terpsichore tonight, with Duncan Cooper, and Agon on Thursday. Tall, long everywhere -- limbs, torso, fingers, feet -- she moves big, and brought both tension AND pliancy to the Agon pas de deux.

Lots of shifting around in casting among the men -- Rasta Thomas (a wild, powerful, yet not really godlike Apollo) in for Abdul Manzano; Duncan Cooper replacing Ikolo Griffin as the Son in Prodigal Son; and Ikolo Griffin replacing Preston Dugger in Agon's Sarabande -- so the rest of the week is unpredictable. But the company as a whole was dancing confidently.

"Agon" was the strongest, I thought; they've been doing it a long time, and they do it their own way, but they're very comfortable in it. "Prodigal" was much better than it had been in recent seasons -- tighter, and danced with energy. "Apollo" needs work, but it's the old staging, the one from the 1950s, when "Apollo" was demicaractere and we got to see him be born, and worth seeing for that.

Did anyone else go?

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Half-price tickets for tonight's (Thursday's) performance of DTH are available at TICKETPlace, which has moved to 407 Seventh St. NW, between D and E Sts. (across the street from the Shakespeare Theater; metro Gallery Place Chinatown or Archives-Navy Memorial). The tickets are $32.25.

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