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New Director of Development at PABallet

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Thought you might be interested in reading this article that was posted in today's Philadelphia Inquirer. It appears PABallet has hired a new Director of Development and her background is quite impressive.


The new director of development at the Pennsylvania Ballet may never have been a professional ballet dancer herself, but her interest was clear early on.

"I've always been interested in the performing arts," Hilary M. Alger said in an interview last week. "I took ballet as a child for six years." . . .

After working as associate director of development for major gifts at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Alger started at the ballet on March 1.

"My mission is to expand major gifts and individual giving in general, which is what I did at the University of Virginia," she said. While there, she was part of a team that raised $127 million over a two-year period.

The ballet's department of development, which she heads, has five people, including herself.

"We raise money from a variety of sources - foundations, companies, government and individuals. We also do a lot of special events," including a fall gala and a spring auction, she said.

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Thank you for posting this, purelyballet. I've edited your post down to an excerpt because we cannot reprint entire articles on this site -- it is a violation of copyright. What we can do is provide a taste of the article and a link that readers can click on in order to read the whole story.

Incidentally, you (and others) might want to check out the Links forum, in which we post links to news stories and reviews of ballet. :blushing:

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