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Nevada Ballet Theatre

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Since moving to Las Vegas with my DD, I have seen a few performances by NBT. There are some very excellent dancers there with great stage presence, along with a few newcomers who should be able to go far in this company. I hesitate to use names of the dancers since my DD and I have become good friends with many of them and would hate to play favorites..... but...

The tribute to Richard Rogers-great fun to watch and a good way to really see some of the different personalities of the dancers.

Cinderella with Tess Hooley in the lead and choreographed by Peter Anastos. I enjoyed the performers, esp. Jesus Sandofiel and John Surdick as the step-sisters, although not the sets too much...and of course I loved the winter corps as it was my DD's first performance with the co.

Nutcracker for two performances-Heather Harr as Arabian always enthralls the audience with her wonderful flexibility. Zeb Nole and Baris Erhan are always fun to watch and Yoo Mi Lee is very elegant. The last performance of the season being the best one I saw with Boyko Loutchev dancing 3 roles (toy soldier, snow king with partner Eun Ji Ha, and Russian) and keeping up the energy throughout. The snow and esp. the flower corps with Bruce Steivel's choreography was very good. Anytime these corps roles actually get me to pay attention and not put me in a coma has got to be a good sign!

My favorite quality of NBT is the ability of the company to have so many different bodies and personalities, yet still be able to work together (esp in corps) as a cohesive whole. Each dancer brings a unique perspective to his or her roles. I sometimes think that I should watch every performance because each one is slightly different according to which dancers are performing for that show.

I know a couple of dancers also perform in shows in LV, but they are few and I believe need special permission from the AD in order to do this. Some of the dancers do audition for commercials, shows, movies, modeling, etc. during their off times and this seems to be ok. :D

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