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Gabriella Komleva

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I've added a biography of Gabriella Komleva on For Ballet Lovers Only, written by Geoff Whitlock who has already been contributing several texts to the site. Komleva was a leading Kirov ballerina between 1957 and 1988, and now acts as a coach of Pavlenko (in the beginning), Golub, and Osmolkina, among others. Most admirers of Russian ballet know her from that stunning "Grand Pas Classique" clip with Yuri Soloviev.

Direct link: http://users.skynet.be/ballet-lovers/Komleva10.html

At the same time one can still participate in the poll "Does the Kirov needs to dance Forsythe" - yes or no?

Thank you for visiting :wink:

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Komleva is one of my favorites among dancers who are no longer dancing. She also is very impressive in Pas de Quatre on video. She dances different roles on 2 videos.

In her autobiography, Suzanne Farrell briefly mentions her, describing her simply as someone named Gabriella who was wearing pink sweatpants. (She wears those pink sweatpants when she's shown coaching Mezentseva, in the documentary The Leningrad Legend.)

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