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Neumeier's Nutcracker - additional music??

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John Neumeier uses quite some bits of music that are not in any "common" Nutcracker recording.

For the barre pdd of Louise and Drosselmeyer, for example, it's an entr'acte taken from "Sleeping Beauty".

But there are more variations which I do not know - mostly interesting for me would be the little "gigue" Marie dances with Drosselmeyer - I heard that this is/was a piece for piano solo, but that's all I could find out.

Any more information (maybe also if there is any recording) would be greatly appreciated!

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I've never seen it, and so can't help, Jasper. Here's a link to the Hamburg Ballet's web site -- the info on Nutcracker just says music by Tchaikovsky; no individual pieces are given. But it also has a fairly detailed scenario, and a link to a video.


(That's the home page. It won't let you link to an inside page, apparently, but if you click on Repertory, you'll find Nutcracker; and if you click on info, you'll find.... information about it!)

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