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Moscow Ballet - La Classique

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For anyone who might be interested I recently saw the Nutcracker performed by the Moscow Ballet – La Classique. Honestly I’d never heard of this ballet company until recently (is it just me who gets confused by the many Moscow/Russian ballet companies that seem to be touring?) Anyway, I’m happy to report that it was a really great evening.

Unfortunately I don’t often get to see ballet because of where I live, and I'm not a dancer myself, and so for this reason I’m not the best judge of how technically correct all the movements were but I can say how enjoyable the whole evening was.

The venue was only local with makeshift wings etc and its hard when on tour to have proper scenery etc but nevertheless the music was good (even though it was taped and I do so love a proper orchestra) and for two hours I was swept into a magical land of childhood dreams amid grace and beauty. The costumes were gorgeous and I especially loved the waltz of the snowflakes, the stage full of swirling white tutus all in exact time.

The principal dancers were all excellent and (it seemed to me) that precision and accuracy were present at all times.

I’m sorry I can’t review in greater detail but I thought that I would post something just to reassure anyone who might get a chance to see them that in my opinion its worth it.


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Thanks for that, Luxie -- therre are a number of small Russian companies around, especially at Nutcracker time. What were the names of the principals you saw? And, if you still have the program, who is the director? Some of our Russian ballet followers might have more information if we have the names. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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