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Ethan Stiefel to guest with Boston Ballet


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And so is Jose Manuel Carreno. This story was in yesterday's Boston Herald:

Stars brighten ballet

Thursday, September 25, 2003

This autumn you won't have to travel far to see ballet superstars Jose Manuel Carreno and Ethan Stiefel. Both artists will take a few days off from American Ballet Theater next month to perform here with Boston Ballet. Carreno will dance in Nureyev's lavish production of ``Don Quixote'' on Oct. 17 (evening) and Oct. 19 (matinee). Stiefel dances five performances of Balanchine's ``Mozartiana'' and ``Stars and Stripes'' Oct. 23-26. - THEODORE BALE

I doubt that the ballets will have been rechoreographed for a male soloist, but I have no information about the gentlemen's partners.

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Well, this is interesting!!!!!!

I am going for the Don Q performances the first weekend and look forward to seeing Carreno.......I do not know other casting yet, but will post it when I hear. I am looking forward to most of the women who are rehearsing it....

Also look forward to how they tweak that choreography (if at all.....)

Surprised, but happy, to hear about Stiefel--am certain that he will be quite good in Stars! Hadn't imagined him in Mozartiana, but it's always good to expand one's imaginary and visual parameters......

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I was very much looking forward to the new season... until I saw they raised the student rush prices to $15... I'm sure that people in other places are grumbling "You don't know how lucky you are," but honestly that's a lot of money for a student... almost 2 ballet classes.

Can this really be cost effective? I went to Giselle 3 times last year, and Onegin twice. Am I going to go see Swan Lake 3 times this year? Maybe if it's scheduled to run from the end of one paycheck to the beginning of another!

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I envy y'all. Nothing like that down here this year. This city has a "ballet" association which dictates what it will bring to town, with no apparent input from ticket holders. I put "ballet" in quotes because there isn't much ballet in the concert series.

As an additional note, I went to school (this was during my first incarnation as a dance major years ago) with someone who eventually opened a studio in the same small town area where she grew up. As a very tiny boy, Stiefel used to accompany his sister to classes, and eventually started taking class himself there. If you watched that PBS special about the four ABT male stars, you'll see Stiefel go back there and pay her a visit and wow all the little girls taking there now.

Later, while he was still in his youth, he took class at Milwaukee Ballet from former ABT star and then director of Milwaukee Ballet, Ted Kivitt. I was taking class as an adult there at the time, and went to see a student recital at one point. Since I've saved all my programs from this, that and the other over the years, I went to see if his name was on there, and sure enough, it was a very young Ethan Stiefel in the school recital. Little did I know I was watching the emergence of future greatness.

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