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Dancers Schedule in the RDB

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Hi, I'm putting together a project on the Royal Danish Ballet (a kind of.." week in the life of a corps dancer") and I wondered if anyone could help me with the following information...

What is a typical schedule for a dancer? ie how often do they rehearse/do classes in a week? and how many performances etc

Just really some information on a typical week - if anyone can help me?



PS I'm new here so I'm sorry iof this isn;t the place to post such a request but as its specific to the RDB I thought it would be ok! - thanx

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Welcome! This is a fine place to post that question :)

Unless the schedule has changed radically in the past few years (and I think this is one of the things that has not) class, which is not mandatory, begins at 10:15; the first rehearsal is at 11:30. They rehearse until 12:30, break for lunch until 1:00, and then rehearse until 3:00 or 4:00. There are often overtime rehearsals scheduled at 4:00, usually for an hour.

You can go to the company's web site and find how often they dance. It's several times a week, and not on a regular schedule -- the company shares the Royal Theatre with the Opera. Corps dancers often also dance in operas.

How often a particular dancer dances depends on the dancer. Usually corps dancers anywhere are on nearly every night unless they're injured, especially when the company does mostly full-lengths (as the RDB is this season). When they do triple bills of small-cast works, then there are fewer opportunities for the corps.

There's one unique thing about the RDB that might interest you. Students graduate from the school at 16 and become apprentices ("aspirants") for two years. They take a special aspirants class every afternoon. There used to be a real effort to give them one or two solo roles during this period, to try them out; I don't know if tha's still the case, but I'd suspect it is.

I'd like to give a caution -- it's what we always say to students -- any information you find on the net needs to be verified. I observed the company closely in the 1990s, so what I've written I'm sure is accurate then, but things may have changed. You might want to write to the company's press office -- the address will be on the web site. The email address may even be there. EVERYONE at the Royal Theatre over 12 is fluent in English, so don't worry about that. Ask if you can interview -- do an email interview -- with a dancer. Or ask them your questions about the schedule, because then you'll be sure the info is up to date.

The RDB website is: http://www.kgl-teater.dk/

Good luck!

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