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Has anyone else seen this production. It's in NY now, I'm not sure where it has toured or is going to.

I've seen quite a few of their productions, and fortunately/unfortunately, I've seen "O" , which is just so amazing it puts all the others to shame.

But back to Varekai.

It seemed to me to have the least amount of dance in it, compared to all the others. In fact, I don't recall seeing any pointe shoes whatsoever. Like most dance, they've gone more acrobatic than artistic.

But the tying together of all the acts into the plot of the story is still incredible.

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I saw Varekai last summer and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was my first time seeing the Cirque du Soleil live, and watching them on video/DVD is completely different, so I can't really compare. (I have seen bits of Dralion, the Journey of Man, Quidam).

The tent they performed in here in Toronto was very small (well at least compared to a theatre) so there was a very intimate atmosphere, I felt there was a really strong connection between the performers and the audience. It makes the tickets ridiculously expensive though, but it is worth it.

I love how every production has a competely fresh concept, and the music, costumes, and sets are always magnificent.

I agree that this one is more acrobatic, but I think that's what they do best. Usually I don't like watching acrobats or even things like water-skiing shows because I get scared for the performers! But the Cirque seems to blend safety devices as well as spotters (the big guys stand below the trapeeze) quite smoothly into the choreography. One of the trapeeze performers, Stella Umeh, was an Olympic gymnast. She used to train at the same gym I went to when I was younger, so it was neat to see her up there!

I'm not sure if the cast you saw in NY is the same one that performed here, but the leading man (in white) was incredible. He *must* have had a lot of ballet training, his movement quality was completely that of a classically trained dancer. He was so flexible and slim that at first when he was far away hanging in the air, I thought he was a woman- that sounds odd, but I don't mean it in a bad way!

I hope they are doing well in NY, they are always a huge hit in Toronto!

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