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Spoleto Festival

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:o You’re right, $75 Canadian is a lot of money. Still cheaper than the NBoC’s top price: $114. You may consider buying the cheap seats ($35) and bringing opera glasses. Not that I have stock in Pentax but I use the Pentax 9 x 17 FB Lite. They’re the perfect fit between opera glasses and binoculars- a pas de deux between the two in the shape of a very small box and they weigh only 5 ounces. The beauty is they can be used for other things like concerts or sporting events and they have magnification of 7 or 9x. They’re also very discreet for those who wish to indulge in the guilty pleasure of observing ballet action up close. FYI: They’re best for close up scenes with little movement.

They also have a lifetime guarantee! Below is a link for those who wish to read more from the website which had the lowest price that I could find


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