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NYCB's spring season thus far...

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After making that somewhat lengthy and embarrassing debut post, I would love to contribute some thoughts on the season so far, if it's all right. ;)

So far I have seen three of the most amazing performances I've ever seen in my life. Two of those would the first two performances by Darci Kistler in ''Chaconne'', while the last would be the magnificance of Miranda Weese and Peter Boal in ''Swan Lake''.

Darci may have begun to fade, in terms of strength, a long time ago, but her soul is still as radiant as ever. There isn't a moment onstage where her presence doesn't fill the entire theater with it's grace. There is something about Darci, an unexplainable quality, that even through her injuries and her mistakes will always render her infallible to me, personally. I just feel blessed to be able to see her final years of dancing.

As for Peter Boal and Miranda Weese, they made such an impression on me that I was actually sobbing. Peter Boal revealed an amazing aspect to his artistry that I had never seen, that being his ability to act. Throughout his performance you could feel his elation, his agony, his sorrow. Whatever his character was going through, you felt it. There were even some charming flub-ubs in his performance (a missed turn), but they weren't even distracting. He was really living Siegried, and it was an amazing thing.

Ms. Weese has truly made an amazing comeback and has reclaimed her place as one of the best ballerinas on the stage at this time. I couldn't be happy to have her dancing at State Theater again.

There were a few stand-outs in the corp to note, those being Rebecca Krohn and Melissa Barak in the villagers dancer. Rebecca has this gorgeous ballerina thing about her that seems to be rather underappreciated in the company, while Ms. Barak is just geniuinely happy to be up that stage.

So far the season has been excellent on all accounts, and seeing as how I've gone every night I feel like my opinion is fairly valid

;). Yvonne Borree is having a strong season with a grand Donizetti performance and strong roles in two Swan Lake divertissments. Nikolaj Hubbe is thankfully back on stage. As was mentioned earlier in either this or another thread, Agon was looking amazing, and Symphony in Three Movements has been stellar. This season has already outstripped the last for me with City Ballet looking more confident and stronger.

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