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  1. Thank you, glad to be here! I saw that Helene got to the website and said that Mme Kozlova is "quite glam." That's true! Very nice pic/headshot of her on the home page and she looked pretty chic in the Awards page picture also. She was always a very beautiful and striking lady, whenever I saw her dancing in past years. A lot of presence and charisma.
  2. The actual address is http://www.vkdcny.com. I don't know if the omission of www makes any difference? I just saw that you didn't have the www, maybe that has something to do with it. I took note of the address in the address bar when I went a second time since I saw your post about the freezing.
  3. Golly, that is as good as a ballet history lesson. Thank you! Will go to the Dance Library to look up that book next time I can visit NYC. Much thanks again.
  4. I went again to see if it still opened or made me freeze and it worked. I used internet explorer, which is pretty much what I use for everything. If you google her school or Mme Kozlova herself, that link comes up as the school website.
  5. The prize won by Ms. Jensen stands above Junior Gold. From Varna site, it is the same Special Distinction won by Mr. Vasiliev at Varna two years ago. Not only is Varna's wording the same for the two dancers, but major forums in France and in Russia are announcing it as such for Ms. Jensen. So both won Special Distinction. However,looking back to 2006 results at Varna's site you are right in that in full 2006: But for Ms. Jensen Google translator gives: Hi! Love reading the board, always so much fabulous info. Just wondering in reference to the above: I have seen that just today, it was announced on the Kozlova school website that Whitney Jensen was awarded the Grand Prix. It can be found at www.vkdcny.com. According to the posts here on Ballet Talk, Ms. Jensen did not receive the grand prix, but according to the vkdcny website she did. I got confused again. If I read the list of awards, I would take it to mean that she received the lower award of Special Prix and that the Laureate/Grand Prix was not actually awarded to anyone. But perhaps I am just confused or didn't understand right. They have announced it in two separate places on their website: on the banner running across the top and on the link for Awards and Honors. Maybe someone over here can clear this up!
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