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  1. Abi Stafford was (finally) promoted to Principal. Tyler Angle and Savannah Lowery were promoted to Soloists. These listings are on the NYCB's website.
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    I've been an avid reader of Ballet Talk for over two years, and enjoy it very much! As a devotee of the NYCB, I have had the same three subscriptions and seats (first ring. I'm lucky, I know!) since I moved to NYC for college (30 years ago!). I cried for two days when Jock Soto retired, and was fortunate enough to attend his last performance; I named our now two year old dog, Wendy, after Wendy Whelan (we also have two other dogs). I even have two tickets to NYCB's performances in London in March (I have a British client so I go there a few times a year). I also go to ABT when they are at City Center (I'm not big on their spring season at the Met), as well as Paul Taylor and Alvin Ailey. I attended 3 out of 5 programs of Chris Wheeldon's new company too. And no, I was never a dancer but I grew up (Boston) loving classical music, and I played and studied piano over 10 years. Cheers, DeborahB
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