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  1. Haha, that’s a pet peeve of mine too! They must have heard it that way early on at SAB and it stuck. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

    11 hours ago, Marta said:

    Also: P.S. I hate it when dancers pronounce "pas de deux" as "pas de duh."   Why do they do it?  It seems almost every NYCB dancer says this!


  2. I just wonder if Hallberg will be in lead role dancing shape by next Met season. 2020 has not been a year anyone expected. Like all dancers this year has severely reduced his ability to keep in performance shape and he was already choosing his roles, or at least the number of them in order to care for his body post injury. In any case, I hope I’m wrong because an R&J with him, Osipova, Abrera as Lady Capulet, and Hammoudi as Tybalt (one of his best roles imo) would be incredible. 

  3. I’ve thought of something similar such as a short pas de deux in a mixed bill. But even that might be too taxing by next spring . I like the Lady Capulet suggestion better. Is there something like this that would be suitable for David Hallberg? I’d love for Alex Hammoudi to be recognized on stage as well. 

  4. I called Wednesday to ask if I could exchange by phone on Sunday, rather than by mail or in person. The recording noted a 15 min wait time to speak to someone so I chose the option of leaving my phone number to get a call back. No one ever called back. I’ll try again today. 

  5. 14 hours ago, nysusan said:

    Barbara, if you didn't receive the letter that came with your subscription you may not know that you can't exchange into the Osipova/Hallberg performances or the Smirnova/Kim Bayadere, as well as the Gala. I expected the Gala to be excluded but was surprised and disappointed at the others.

    Susan, I did not realize that. Definitely unfortunate. 

  6. 2 hours ago, LadyBubbles said:

    Okay all, settle down. I, too, remember all those pics with Cornejo. They were Insta STORIES. I remember them very well because I screenshot them. 

    I went through Lane's IG and I don't see any missing pictures. Also, I don't think Lane and Cornejo ever followed each other. I remember finding that out a few years ago and thinking hmm weird but ok. She at least seems to be the type of person to follow those she regularly interacts with on social media on a regular basis. 

    Just a reminder that these two are "old millennials." Younger millennials and Gen Z'ers take social media way more seriously than the pre-1988 crowd. So, I wouldn't put much thought into it if I were you guys. 

    I hope you’re right, Lady Bubbles! If (when?) Misty has to drop out of some of her performances Sarah would end up with Herman anyway. So awkward if there is a rift. 

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