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  1. That's great - thank you very much everyone, for that wonderful information. I can get buying DVDs now! If I remember correctly from the credits to Ballets Russes, there is a private archive of footage held somewhere (New York?) with a lot of early clips in, but I guess that a lot of that is staying private - for the moment at least. I also read that Massine revived works (Le Tricorne, Le Beau Danube, Parade and Pulcinella) with the Joffrey between 1969 - 1974, and I was hoping that these had been filmed, but it seems not - at least, not in totality. Though I dont have access to the New York
  2. I guess the scooter was removed from the corridor because it was classed as a fire hazard, blocking the passageway. I thought I was the ultimate audience-shushing good behaviour control freak, but I still found this thread a hoot. Martin Amis has a nice story of a concert-goer who got like this - but more extreme - and ended up murdering noisy members of the audience. On the other hand, one could live and let live. It might be easier on one's nerves. Jim.
  3. I'd like to find out more about Massine's choreography - does any one know of any videos that are available - and that they would recommend - of "genuine" Massine ballets - ie ones in which we can be pretty sure that it is truly his choreography, preferably done under his direct control (rather than a possibly modified reconstruction), and if possible of the earlier works? I'm not sure if this should be under Videos, or Choreographers, so please move if necessary. Many thanks if anyone is able to help, Jim.
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