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  1. Yes! And Dowell and Wright collided in midair during the Grand Pas. It clearly hurt but they gathered themselves and finished rather brilliantly. At least he did. I never watched anyone else when Dowell was onstage. Dowell was Kirkland's Basil in DC as well. And they did a gorgeous Romeo & Juliet with the Royal in London just after her departure from ABT.
  2. I expect to return to see this ballet on Friday the 25th. I've always thought that the orchestra played too loud throughout and wondered if the new music director at nycb, who impressed me very much conducting the opening R & J, might order a more sensitive rendering. Did that ever strike anyone else? It's lovely music. Once I think of it the jolly promenade music will not leave my head [the FIRST lively notes one gets after maybe an hour in the first act of Puritani from which it comes]. Then too...Rieti put in just the right 'wrong' notes making it so delightful. Thank you all fo
  3. Has anyone followed the careers of either Robert Wersinger [who left ncyb for Contact] and/or Stuart Capps who became an understudy in Movin' Out? I'd be interested to know how they are doing. Am I right that once a corps dancer leaves ncyb they don't return?
  4. I am Joseph, a 4 decades-long balletomane who made his debut at the State Theatre when it was brand new. I was on board for the first run of Brahms-Schoenberg Quartets and was swept away...all the way up in row K of the gallery. I still remember that first program as it had Bugaku and Narikissos danced of course by Villella who did the choreography. I am rather a huge fan of Wendy Whelan. I've gone to the ballet as many as 4 times in a week. I share my time between digs on West 72nd street and my Mother's place in Bucks County. I also share my outings with the symphony and opera.
  5. A friend of a friend maintains that early on Sonnambula ended with the ballerina walking off with the man in her arms on pointe. Is this possible?
  6. ABT had at least one season in the NY State Theatre...of a summer. Can someone give me the name of those fellows who would have partnered these ladies in the Grand Pas from Don Q? As I write this a TED comes to mind. New to this site, I will ask to get a direct reply if that is appropriate: ajsnyc@msn.com
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