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  1. In Suzanne Farrell's autobiography, she mentions that when she was 14, she was able to do 114 fouettes (consecutively, of course). I was wondering, is there a record number? Has anyone heard of (or seen) a ballerina (or other dancer) performing more than 114 fouettes? Thanks!
  2. I've been wondering something. Why is it that some dancers are promoted into the corps and stay there for years and years while others spend about 20 minutes in the corps before they're promoted to soloist? Does the (enter the job title of whoever promotes ballet dancers) feel that some dancers aren't suited to be soloists, so they stay in the corps until they leave or get fired? Do dancers choose to stay in the corps ("Yeah, thanks for thinking of me, but I kinda like dancing in the back. Why don't you promote her over there?")? Is it due to the fact that some dancers have the talent to get
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