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  1. My DD and I just watched the Austrialian Ballet version of Coppelia on VHS and thought it was very good. Lisa Pavane is a great actress as well as dancer and really did a great job as Swanilda.
  2. Although I'm far from an expert, this step is in the choreography of "Sugar Plum" in my daughter's civic company's Nut. I overheard the A.D. refer to it as an "Italian fouette". Maybe there is a more technical term for it.... :shrug: My daughter & I luckily found this program & taped it - it was quite fascinating and the POB dancers were absolutely lovely.
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions! My daughter is getting dressed up in a nice sweater & skirt (I'm still wearing pants though - snow flurries predicted tonight). She passed the word to the rest of the dancers to dress up a bit. We are all very excited about the show. There are 5 adults and 10 teen dancers going. Should make for some interesting Nut rehersals tomorrow as they are scheduled to start at 10:30 a.m. & we probably won't get back until after midnight. :sleeping: The AD of the company is going with us, though, so she should be understanding.
  4. I'm driving a gaggle of teens from our civic company to see the Kirov perform La Bayadere tomorrow evening in Cleveland. I have to go directly from work to our meeting place & am unsure of what to wear. Is my work attire appropiate? I was going to wear a nice sweater & black slacks. I'd prefer not to wear a skirt as it's going to be in the 30's for highs. Also, what should I tell the teens to wear? I'm assuming jeans are a faux pas... Normally, attendees to our civic theater wear casual/work attire, but I imagine a bigger venue is more formal. :shrug:
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