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  1. Many thanks m-f. RB's La Bayadere this week. Tonight I saw Nunez dance Nikiya and Osipova as Gamzatti; Solor was danced by Muntagirov. Last Monday Nunez and Osipova swapped roles and Corrales was Solor. It was nice to see both performances and be able to compare the interpretations so close together. It was the Makarova choreography, 24 shades not 32, and the female Corps didn't have a foot or arm out of place. You've got to love those White Acts and19th Century Russian melodramas! :-)
  2. Good Day I've just registered. I'm London based and see Ballet in London, Paris and Copenhagen. I visit the Royal Ballet most often but I do see all of the English National Ballet and the Danish Royal Ballet productions; I'm more erratic in my visits to Paris and I'm as likely to see contemporary dance there as ballet at the Opera. I usually fit in one Flamenco festival in Andalucia each year but I'm totally ignorant of the form (I find the books on the subject impenetrable, and my Spanish isn't good enough to pick a local's brains!). I'm a non-dancer but trained as a musician. I'm enjoying following O'Hare and Rojo as they introduce change and I'm hoping to see more Ballet in the U.S. in 2019. Thanks for letting me join your fora.
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