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  1. I rented the version on Marquee as well. Overall I agree with you, Canbelto: the celesta variation seemed half-polished and was pretty boring. That said-- I really enjoyed the pas de deux with Tyler Angle. Kowroski did a beautiful job holding those striking poses and made a real impact in the jump and lift combination. Wish she had brought the same verve to the solo.

    Other enjoyable moments for me: Megan Fairchild's Dewdrop (wow! I ended up watching the waltz three times she had so many breathtaking moments.), Ashley Hod's Hot Chocolate, and Lauren King's Marzipan. The snow variation was magical as always, especially loved Olivia McKinnon opening the section. 

  2. Off topic but I have to say: I rented the NYCB Nutcracker on Marquee last night and Megan Fairchild's Dewdrop was a big WOW. Beautiful jumps and turns; it's incredible how such a small person can cover so much space. You also feel like she's really having a lot of fun-- she's a little madcap, but it isn't "too much." Highly recommend to all!

  3. 1 hour ago, Rosa said:

    The All Balanchine program knocked it out of the park IMO!! I had a smile on my face almost from start to finish. Episodes and Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux were my favorite performances. 🥰


    Same here! This was my first time seeing any of Violin Concerto, but it didn't compare well next to the other large-scale finale from Episodes which I thought was much stronger. We all want to see these full ballets, but I felt that nagging especially with Liebeslieder and Ivesiana. I told my husband when the Ives program started that I was so excited to see Janie Taylor, who I'd never seen dance before-- we joked afterward that I still haven't seen her dance.

  4. Hey there folks-

    As NYCB has been adding ballets to their YouTube page every week, I've gone back and visited my "Ballet Bucketlist." One of the items on there is the Elusive Muse documentary about Suzanne Farrell. Does anyone know where this can be seen online?

  5. It's definitely a personal joy of mine when I see that new episodes are posted. Rosin Box is also my favorite, but I also want to add some kudos for Andrew Litton's installments as well. I've enjoyed hearing more about the music and inviting musicians to join him. (The Oboist discussing the 2nd movement of Symphony in C was great!) I wonder if they'll add some interviews in the future with more facets of the ballets: lighting, costumes, etc. 

  6. Sarah Villwock annoucing on instagram that she'll be joining husband Gio Villalobos next month... seems she's ending her tenure with NYCB. What a shame! I have always loved her in demi roles and wish she'd been given more soloist opportunities.

  7. On 9/20/2019 at 6:10 PM, BalanchineFan said:

    NYCB seems to be on the frontline of online programming for a performing arts organization. It's so smart and I hope it pays big dividends in growing and maintaining a large and (perhaps) younger audience.

    I came to ballet both in terms of appreciation and weekly practice through the AOL "City Ballet" series when it came out online in 2013. Six years later, I have a subscription to the Kennedy Center's ballet and dance series and I see NYCB whenever I'm in New York. Definitely a big fan of these kinds of outreach methods to reach younger people!

  8. 14 hours ago, nanushka said:

    What do people think of Baily Jones? She's debuting the Scotch Symphony soloist role (I'm assuming — she's listed third), and I don't recall her dancing from any times I may have seen her.


    She was cast in the third movement of Symphony in C at the Kennedy Center last month and I really enjoyed her dancing. She has a very warm and lighthearted presence and her movement is very clean and springy.

  9. 21 hours ago, nanran3 said:

    I did love Runaway by Abraham in terms of the inventiveness and creative challenge for the dancers as well as for Taylor Stanley's extraordinary solo, however I found the rap jarring, words that seemed not to fit in that theater, sentiments that were harsh and, I guess, not my thing.  I don't look forward to more rap music talking about killing people and oneself.  That's just me.

    Balanchine pushed the norm when it came to music selection too. Charles Ives, Aton von Webern, and Pierre Henry aren't exactly easy listening; and even Stravinsky isn't music to the ears the first time you hear it. But we've gotten used to it and hear it's mastery now.

  10. 29 minutes ago, vendangeuse said:

    (Side note: does anyone know how I can get my hands on the Moretti music? I searched in vain back in the fall and my searches now have been similarly fruitless.)


    I've looked for the music to In Vento extensively and have always come up short. It was a commissioned score, so I don't believe it's been recorded and released.

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