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  1. Hi All again, and thanks for your ongoing interest - it means a lot. I love that your passion for ballet drives you to create entire schemes to see as much of it as possible - that's awesome, but frustratingly unnecessary!! I agree, there are many variables in this industry which we are trying to play our part in settling down, but you are right to mention the idea of the competitive exclusivity which prevents us from being in as many cinemas as we might like - and of course, cinemas are able to choose what they think will work best for the bulk of their audience....but rest assured we are constantly striving to bring our content to as many people as we can! so, all frustrations are heard and passed on to the relevant parties, with our thanks. I so hope you guys will be able to make it to some of the screenings coming up and I look forward to any more feedback you may have! Thanks again, Kate
  2. Dear All, many thanks for your replies and interests - and sorry for my delayed response, with me being in London, time zones got in the way of me getting back to you quickly! But here I am now on a gorgeous day in London, and to deal with your questions one by one: - firstly, apologies and my bad re Frankenstein. in my enthusiasm to let you all know what we're up to, I posted too quickly! This is indeed a co-production with San Francisco Ballet, and as it will feature 'in the flesh' in the US, it will not be screening in cinemas there - so as not to spoil the surprise, as it were, for those who will be able to see it in the flesh. sorry for placing that in your path and then disappointing you - but it will be super, and I hope you guys will be able to see it in person or in some other way going forward - I will keep you posted. - instead however, you can see the wonderful Royal Ballet's Sleeping Beauty - no need to tell you guys what a treat that will be (check the Guardian's review here - http://www.theguardian.com/stage/2014/mar/28/royal-ballet-sleeping-beauty-review)in its stead, which I hope will be enough to keep you going! I totally get the disappointment, but I hope you understand and appreciate the explanation! - the statement that some cinemas are not yet known is simply because we are constantly striving to get Ballet (and Opera, and art, and theatre, and music!) into more and more cinemas each day, so the link i posted http://us.rohcinema.com/tickets is in many ways a work in progress - many venues are listed, but keep an eye as more to come each day! - Arts Alliance are now the distributor of Royal Opera House presentations in the USA, we are happy to say. Arts Alliance and Fathom are separate companies, though obviously working in the same field - We will, for the most part (and I'll alert you if I hear anything different) show encore showings to the West Coast (and beautiful Seattle) - this is simply to make sure that we and exhibitors are showing at the time when most people will be able to see it and that cinemas are able to get most people into their doors to enjoy the ballet. The more we can have the Royal Ballet and Royal Opera work take off in cinemas across the US, and the audiences grow and appetites develop and audiences become more vociferous in their demands to cinemas to show screenings, the more we can do - so it's amazing to see your enthusiasm here! - totally acknowledge, regret and appreciate your difficulties in getting hold of information about screenings and rest assured we are working hard with our exhibitors to ensure they feel empowered and enthused about our content. We are also working to develop our relationship with performing arts writers (the Ambassador programme I cited is part of that) , and anyone on here who'd like to get on board with writing more about our work is very welcome to contact me directly at kate.timperley@artsalliance.com (in fact, anyone that has any more detailed thoughts, information they'd like to request or any other input is welcome to be in touch). We at Arts Alliance are only going to get this right for audiences with the HELP of our audiences, and critics, so we are open to listening about what we could do better and get dance out to more people and inspire passion for it in all sorts of existing and new audiences!! we love that you love what we do and we want to do it the best we can! Thanks for your interest and I can't wait to hear what you think!!
  3. I would love to let everyone know that doesn't already they can see the Royal Ballet direct from Covent Garden in their local cinema - continuing with the Nutcracker, starting from this weekend (more ballets to come, including Rhapsody/The Two Pigeons (Ashton's masterpiece), Giselle ('the greatest of all Romantic ballets') and the world premiere of Liam Scarlett's new ballet, Frankenstein. The showings are happening across the US with more information here http://us.rohcinema.com/tickets- I run an Ambassador programme for Arts Alliance, who distribute the films, which is all about bringing ballet to as wide an audience as possible, breaking down barriers to experiencing the joy of the arts such as cost or geography and making sure that as many people love ballet as possible. I am so happy to be able to let those that don't know about what we do and if anyone would like to get involved, they are welcome to contact me - any help we can get in spreading the word on the joy of ballet is much appreciated!
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