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  1. Hello, I don't know much at all about ballet but make occasional blundering forays into it. I was hoping to get some advice; I'd like to watch a DVD of this Nutcracker ballet that seems to get mentioned every time Christmas rolls around, but which I've never seen. I would like to watch a "traditional" version of the ballet, but the various productions' DVDs' descriptions and reviews online seem to almost always talk about new twists and creative reinterpretations. Might anyone be able to recommend a good "traditional" production or two that are available on DVD? (Honestly I'm not even sure if
  2. Hello all, I'm new to both the board and to ballet, so please make the usual n00b allowances. I was wondering if anybody here knows of a good source (preferably online) of detailed ballet synopses, where the synopsis is divided by each separate piece/number/track in the ballet? Obviously there would be some variation from recording to recording and production to production, but I hope that, for some of the classics at least, I can find a fairly universal piece-by-piece breakdown. For example, some ballet recordings' CD liner notes provide this for each track on the CD - "1. General Russian-the
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