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  1. The link for La Scala school (only in italian) http://www.teatroallascala.org/ita/edu/dsf.../dsfs_home.html The opera of Rome http://www.operaroma.it/LUOGHI/scudan00.htm There is also the school of San Carlo in Naples (only an historical background, but in english) http://www.teatrosancarlo.it/uk_Fscuole.htm And the national academy in Rome, the only school that gives a diploma recognised by the sstate http://www.accademianazionaledanza.it/ Fabiana
  2. Roberto Bolle and Alessandra Ferri in Romeo and Juliet. Annonciation danced by La Scala ballet Vishneva as Aurora La Scala corps de ballet in Nutcracker this december. And, from Nureyev gala: Tamara Rojo as black swan Eric Vu An in Prelude à l'après-midi d'un faune Massimo Murru as Petrouchka Malakhov in Spectre de la rose Tewsley and Marta Romagna in Apollo and the clean and noble dancing of Bolle
  3. I live in Milan so I'm gonig to see La Scala Ballet. They'll do tha Nureyev version with, in the role of Drosselmeyer/prince, Roberto Bolle and Massimo Murru. Here there isn't the tradition to do Nutcracker every year so I'm going to take the opportunity to see them both!!! Fabiana
  4. fabiana

    Swan Lake

    Hi! I'm Fabiana and I'm italian! I'm happy that everything has gona well for Roberto, as I wished him "merde" for this Swna Lake when I last saw him! I really want to see him with Darcey because it seems she's her favourite partner. Luckily it seems that they will dance together in Verona on december. The first chance for me to see this couple! Baci Fabiana
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