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  1. At Paris Opera Ballet, my favorite female dancer is Clairemarie Osta ( Etoile since 1 week ... ) ... I like very much Agnès Letestu too ... and my favorite male dancer is José Martinez !
  2. I can't say who is the killer, because there are French people on this forum ! Maybe by mail.. !
  3. The last show I've seen was “Le Concours - Maurice Béjart”. It was a ballet-movie. A detective story ! It was so original because the dancers talked in the ballet !! During the competition, a young dancer, Ada, is killed. There are six suspects : • Brambilla, Ada's mother. She hates Ada. • Miss Maud, her dance teacher. • Michael, choregrapher. • Angel Bel, a showbiz star. • Magic Pat, a magician. • Ivy, her boyfriend. I like this ballet very much ! There is a great idea in it, the dancers are fabulous ! If you are in France, you must see it !!
  4. Hi again ! I know these dancers personally. There are great ! Clairemarie Osta is too old now, she won't be “Etoile”, she's 31 now, nearly 32 ( on the 10th of July). Marie-Agnes Gillot is a very great dancer, I hope, a day, she will nominate “Etoile”, don't you ? ;) Jose Martinez is a great dancer !!! I love him !! He's so tall (1m90 !) ! But his dance is so marvellous ! I like other dancers, like Emilie Cozette, Sujet at POB, Eleonora Abbagnatto, 1rst Dancer at POB and other dancers ! I'm so sad because Laetitia Pujol has been nominated Etoile ! I think it was on the 2nd of May of this year. She's got a beautiful arch, a great technic, but she isn't artistic ! Clairemarie or Eleonora or Marie-Agnes should be “Etoiles” I think ! And you ? Which dancers do you like ? Ophélie I hope my English is good ! :confused:
  5. Hi ! I'm French and I love Paris Opera Ballet. These dancers ( Gillot, Osta, Martinez ) are from POB. Do you know them and do you like them ?
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