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  1. 21 hours ago, nanushka said:

    Though I am not at all surprised, it's dispiriting to face the reality of another full spring/summer without the usual ABT and NYCB offerings.

    Yes. I can barely stand to think about it.

    Also, all of these dancers losing two years out of their short careers (I don’t consider their digital seasons to be equal). It’s devastating.

    I agree with what someone wrote above - ABT should be showing us some classical pas with current couples or dancers who are quarantining together. New work is great, though I haven’t watched it yet, but it would be exciting and some food for the soul to see some great pas.

  2. Just now, Helene said:

    I'm seeing what aurora is seeing.  An older version might still be in your cache, @ABT Fan.

    Got it. That’s probably why.

    I hope she lets us know what her future plans are. Maybe she’ll go into teaching full time. She’s still posting what look to be recent videos of her dancing/rehearsing in a studio, sometimes wearing a mask, so I hope she continues to dance in some way. But, I’m very sad knowing I’ll probably never get to see her perform again.

  3. 11 hours ago, nanushka said:

    Love her dancing. So upset by her abrupt departure. But “Principal Dancer”? Seriously? Principal of what?

    Not a good look.

    I’ve seen other dancers put a similar or exact same title on their IG that aren’t associated with or employed by one company who do mainly freelance. Lane was a principal dancer with one company until very recently and has guested with other companies, even earlier this year pre-covid in lead roles, i.e. a principal dancer role. So, I can understand her listing her title that way. If she does any guesting, once that is allowed, I imagine she’d only do a lead role. IG titles or job descriptions are to tell the world “My skill set is this”. If a company needs a Giselle, they want a principal dancer not just a “ballet dancer” or “former dancer” or whatever. Not saying a ballet company  will only hire her or any other dancer for a principal job/role if their IG title says “principal” but this is about advertising yourself.

    So I don’t think it looks bad. I think it’s sad, like all of whatever happened (including how McKenzie treated her throughout her entire career) that caused her departure but bottom line that she can no longer list “with ABT”.

  4. Thanks for posting that video, syzygy. 

    I don’t understand why they hired her - were they expecting her to starve herself to fit their mold? Or, did they think that once she started dancing professionally again the weight would just come off despite her health issues. Regardless it seems like it was handled very, very poorly. 

    I feel terribly for her. 

  5. 1 minute ago, nanushka said:

    Maybe I’m suffering from COVID brain and have forgotten, but what is the evidence that the latter has occurred?

    I was wondering the same thing. Just because she wasn’t cast as the Rose? Which I thought odd as well, and I was dismayed by it, but I didn’t necessarily think it meant Lane and Ratmansky had a falling out. Others thought that since she wasn’t cast as a lead in his new full length meant something too, but other favorites of his like Boylston weren’t cast either.

  6. 25 minutes ago, FauxPas said:

    Perhaps because the Fall 2020 ABT season was canceled, Sarah has been given enough months of lead time per the union contract before the next ABT season?  If Sarah Lane is being notified now that her contract is not being renewed as a principal dancer, she has a certain number of months to look for another job.  It is still a not nice way of going about things but that is show biz.


    But if she was just notified now that this was her last year going into next year, she would still be listed on the roster. 

  7. 40 minutes ago, fondoffouettes said:

    Sarah Lane's bio page is still up on the ABT site. If that gets taken down then it will be pretty clear it's not a glitch.


    The odds of having a voluntary retirement at ABT are so slim. 

    If you manually type in a past dancers bio page, it will sometimes come up anyway. Alban still comes up and so does Roberto Bolle. So I don’t take this as a sign that Lane is still in the company and it’s just some type of glitch that she’s gone from the roster.

    Edited to add: I know we’ve discussed contracts many times on this site. Per union rules, I believe others have said that a dancer would have to be notified months in advance if their contract wasn’t going to be renewed. So, if that’s what happened to Lane, she’d have to have known for awhile, perhaps why she was given so few performances for what may have been her last Met season (and a Juliet debut as a good bye gift). 

    I do feel bad for Hoven as well. Never thought he was up for a promotion now as he’s been overlooked the past year for debuts, which I don’t understand. Last year’s Met season he had a ton of roles, and I saw many of them; he performed all of them beautifully. 

    The next principal will be Hurlin. None of the other soloists I feel will make it.

    I see the next crop of soloists as possibly Coker (she’s a given), McBride, Granlund, maybe Lall, Gonzalez, Klein, maybe Pogossian. 

  8. I’m completely shocked.

    For one, that they had promotions at all now. Very happy for all of them, especially Forster who has waited the longest for roles and recognition.

    Secondly, I don’t even know what to think about Lane. I’m devastated that she’s gone. I wasn’t expecting that despite how awful she’s been treated. Since there was no announcement regarding her, it’s obviously not a retirement. She may well have left on her own after the abysmal casting she got for this past Met season and last fall. I’m so utterly sad that like Lena it’s hard for me to be happy for the others. It’s interesting that her husband is still listed on the roster.

  9. 16 hours ago, California said:

    If you were looking for another incentive to donate to ABT's Crisis Relief fund, here it is, just announced: Donors will get access next week to a tape of the 2007 filming of ABT’s production of Manon . . . with Alessandra Ferri and Roberto Bolle, along with Herman Cornejo as Manon’s brother Lescaut, and Gillian Murphy as Lescaut’s Mistress.

    If we’re looking for another reason to be upset and baffled by ABT’s lack of streaming/video offerings, this is it. They have a tape of *this cast* in *Manon* and it’s only being offered to donors?! And, why have they been sitting on this for 13 years, or have it I missed it somewhere (unlikely)?? 

    ABT: put this video, and any others you’re letting collect dust, up on your website or your YouTube page, available to ALL.

  10. 7 hours ago, laurel said:

    So sad, another ABT soloist retiring without much fanfare or farewell.  Scott was one of those dancers we never seemed to see dance often enough, but when he did get the chance he was completely invested in the performance.  Best of luck to him in his future endeavors.

    Agree. I still remember how clean and crisp his technique was in Seven Sonatas. 

    I can’t help but wonder who may have been promoted to fill these spots if the season had gone forward. 

  11. Well the only dancers who were promoted two years ago were Hurlin, Fang and K Williams, all to soloist. So unless he really meant three years ago, he’s not talking about Royal.

    I don’t think this is the way to go with him calling out ABT on his IG. And, he also exposed his friend’s conversation with management. I bet the dancers in the company can easily figure out which of the three he’s referring to. 

  12. Hallberg isn’t retiring till next summer (even though he takes up his AD role at the Australian Ballet sooner, I believe) so he should be dancing a lead. I imagine he’ll do Albrecht or Romeo with Osipova as his final show. Hammoudi could also do a character role as a farewell (Tybalt); that’s mostly all he was doing anyway in the last season or two.

  13. 3 hours ago, California said:

    I've been wondering, for all of these retiring principals: they won't be able to stay in shape for a major role in spring 2021, but I wonder if they could return for a cameo role (the mother or queen in something?) and then get the applause/flowers/partners at the end. Why not? Our world is upside-down and a little more innovation next spring would be welcome!

    That’s a great idea. If I remember correctly, Abrera’s Lady Capulet was one of the best there was. Besides Georgina Parkinson. I would love it if they did something like this.

  14. 13 minutes ago, nanushka said:

    So lovely to see all the tributes on social media today from many of Abrera's colleagues. She clearly has very warm relationships with many of them.

    Agree. It still kills me that I (we) won’t be able to give her a proper farewell and see her dance one last time. I’m glad she’s happy that DC turned out to be her last show (according to her recent NY Times interview) but I feel robbed. We all know that ballet is a short, difficult career, but hers has felt especially cruel. In the end, she more than deserved a final performance at The Met in front of her adoring peers and fans and to bow one last time to thunderous applause.

  15. 13 minutes ago, sz said:

    I have not seen any mention of Sarah Lane's Juliet that was to be her ABT debut on May 28....

    They only seem to be focusing on the soloists who are “rising stars “. They haven’t included Forster in any of the debuts deferred series either, maybe that is forthcoming, but out of the entire company he had the most debuts scheduled.

    Cate Hurlin has posted on her IG clips of her and Bell dancing Bayadere and of the Gamzatti solo. Those are worth checking out.


  16. Yikes. Well, I’m glad I didn’t miss anything. I was a bit tempted to tune in but I had other things going on. This is the time for them to get their act together, now of all times. It doesn’t sound promising. I also feel bad for the dancers for so many reasons. Artistically, critical time is being lost during a very short career and financially I wonder how they’ll survive. 

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