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  1. Tanja

    John Markovsky

    Thank you everyone for all the useful information you gave me. Tanja
  2. Tanja

    John Markovsky

    Thank you, that is very helpful.
  3. Tanja

    John Markovsky

    Thanks Natalia, do you know if he is still active artistically, as a teacher, director, choreographer?
  4. Tanja

    John Markovsky

    Thank you everyone for the information. Yes, I really like the 1968 Kirov version of Swan Lake, which is one of the reasons why I was curious about John Markovsky and was surprised to find almost no biographical information specifically on him, just bits and pieces when other dancers are discussed. I couldn't even find biographical basics such as date and place of birth.
  5. Tanja

    John Markovsky

    I have not been able to find any detailed biographical and career information on John Markovsky, former Kirov dancer and partner of Alla Osipenko. Can anyone direct me to a source? Thanks
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