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  1. Ooo - wonderful. Thank you!!!!!!!
  2. Thanks so much!!! There is an incredible juxtaposition and diversity of ideas among those four ballets, especially considering the short period of time in which they were all created. It is as if Balanchine couldn't get his different visions out fast enough after the year away from the company. Prioritizing the music and aesthetics, it makes sense that Balanchine would have drawn on different sources for each of the different ballets, and the motifs are indeed quite different. Agon definitely stands out among the four for its dynamic of passivity on behalf of the female, and manipulation o
  3. Thank you so much! That is very helpful and much appreciated. (And noted - I will not use the forum for assignments in the future, apologies and thanks for the heads up.)
  4. Hello. I am writing a paper on Balanchine's choreography in the period after he returned from taking care of LeClerq, who became ill with polio. Some have said that the manipulation of the woman in the adagio was inspired by the manipulation he learned to do for LeClerq in her rehabilitation and therapy. Any thoughts or insight into this? Thank you all so much for your help!!!!
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