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  1. Actually, board told the parents and kids on April Fool's Day, and we all wondered if it was a joke at first. We got a second letter from academy staff the next day. And the dedicated teachers who had formed IBC/RBAI out of concern for their students rallied and have done it again. One of the board members who had not voted for closure is organizing to start a new school, with company to be added as it can be funded, unlike Indiana Ballet Company, which was formed immediately without funding. This is one of the decisions that ultimately led to its demise. Interim classes with the same teachers (who were also IBC dancers and directors) in a new location began last night. The school had done very well at YAGP each year of its existance, including this one; and students will compete at Orlando next month, the school's first time there. It was emotional last night, and for some of the families this was the second time. We're all hopeful that starting on a more secure financial foot will allow this new, reformulated school and eventual company to be sustainable. As far as Indianapolis City Ballet goes, they're not resident. They do, however, bring in excellent people for Master Classes, which a few of our kids have attended. Because our teachers are Vaganova-certified and do the true Vaganova syllabus, missing a Saturday to do a Master Class can mean missing out on important things in the syllabus that must then be learned separately, so it's not in place of for our students but in addition to. But still worth it. I hope Indianapolis City Ballet had enough success this year to do another program and definitely a slate of master classes this year.
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