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  1. Wow, is that really the case?! I do indeed mention his name at least once. I *could* remove it, but it seems a little extreme of them if they are like that about it.
  2. Many thanks to all of you for your help - am just trying to be as accurate as possible and had assumed that Balanchine's version would be the one performed most often, but it would seem from what you are all saying that this is not so. In which case, which IS the most performed choreography of A Midsummer Night's Dream?!
  3. Hi folks Sorry if I've put this in the wrong place or anything. You seem like a nice bunch so I thought I'd ask here for some help. I've been writing a novel that features a few bits and pieces on ballet. However, while I enjoy ballet, I can't say I know very much about the steps, and wanting to be accurate in my novel's descriptions, I thought I'd call on a few people who know a bit more about it in order to help. I was hoping to use a few details of Balanchine's choreography in A Midsummer Night's Dream, but unfortunately these don't seem to be notated online anywhere, my knowledge of the steps is patchy, and I don't really want to have to guess. Basically, I'd really like a few indications of what the two soloists are doing, and what the corps are doing, in this clip: I don't need *all* the steps that they do; nor do I need any *particular* sequence; nor does the sequence have to be long. The steps just have to be in the right order. One small sample from the soloists' steps (when they are dancing together, obviously) and one sample from the corps' steps would be amazing...especially since once I've got these I've finished the novel's first draft and can start tidying up Any help that anyone can give would be amazing. Many thanks!
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