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  1. I now have a stack of different Ballet Dictionaries and am working hard adding new definitions to my index. Thanks for all the suggestions . I have added some images already, but I need a lot more to fill out all my entries. I am also working on typing in all the phonetic pronunciations for the terms I have.
  2. Thanks Arizona, that is good to hear. I have added more images in the latest release and I am working on buying more images or diagrams for the next version. I have also ordered a couple of different Ballet dictionaries, so I hope to be able to continually improve the definitions that I have got. Regards, Tom
  3. Thanks very much for including my post on the forum. I was a little concerned about the self promotional aspect of my entry, but I thought I would give it a go as I am genuinely interested in feedback from ballet students and teachers. I realized pretty early on that the content that I was getting from Wikipedia had a little to be desired (Battement was described as a "kicking motion" for instance) and I have been working hard to improve the quality of the definitions that I have in my index. My wife does Ballet so she has been able to help me quite a bit and reading the various Ballet books we have around the house has been great. It sounds like I need to get hold of Gail Grant's dictionary (or the RAD dictionary) to improve my vocabulary (I make a point of reading and understanding any of the books I use as a reference and never copying their content verbatim). Thanks again for the feedback. Regards, Tom Horn
  4. Hi, I am Australian software developer and Ballet enthusiast (vicariously) and have recently created a Glossary of Ballet terms that runs on the iPhone. I am something of a Francophile and enjoy translating the French terms into English, but wondered how kids learning this stuff manage to learn all the terms they need to know. The local Ballet school was having exams recently and this motivated me to build the application. I would love to hear what the users of Ballet talk Forum think of the definitions. You can find Ballet Index on the app store if you search for the keyword ballet, or you can follow the link on my website: http://bit.ly/7l5HG Thanks. P.S. I hope I am not being too self promotional here.
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