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  1. I also saw this performance. I saw the Thursday night and I was very upset that I wasn't able to go to another night of differnet performances. I did not like Penn Ballet in Seranade. The beginning was beautiful but I was not "into" the ballet as I usually am when I see other companies perform it. The company did not seem to be emotionally envolved in the choreography which makes the audience not get into it. The corps also seemed to not be together which is not a good thing for Seranade. I also did not find the guys in this ballet that great. They did not catch my eye. I LOVED Bugaku. Not because of the music, because I thought it was headachey music (until the pas de deux), but because of the costumes and the prima dancer from San Fran. Talk about a flexible body. My goodness! Symphony in C. I thought that this ballet was the highlight of the performance and I believe the audience agreed with me. The girls were just beautiful the 3rd and 4th movement as well as the finale were done beautifully. I wasn't sure just how well San Fran could pull off Balanchine but because Symphony in C is more classical than most of his ballets, they did a really good job. Sorry this is short but I must go. I might write more later. Hollyberry [This message has been edited by Hollyberry (edited September 25, 2000).]
  2. Hawaiiandancer, Children of Theatre Street is another EXCELLENT movie. It is about the students in Russia at the Kirov. It is wonderful. My favorite movie ABOUT ballet. I hope I could help. Holly [This message has been edited by Hollyberry (edited February 07, 2000).]
  3. Southern Ballet Theatre in Orlando has a wonderful summer program that Gelsey guest teaches at. She is wonderful. I had her this past summer there and I am having her again. Her classes are amazing. You can't help but have fun in her class. With her husband right along side her, she teaches a character like ballet class that steels the show. I had so much fun and I can't wait until this summer. Her combanations and her corrections were just amazing. The little things she had us working on were just something you would never think of, but actually do help the over all picture of your performance. What an AWSOME teacher she is. Hollyberry
  4. Alessandra Ferri is another on my list. She is so cute when she dances. She has great acting skills and her best role I have seen her in is Juliet, in Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet (my favorite ballet). Hollyberry
  5. I will have to agree with Kitsker. Gelsey Kirkland is inceredible. She was when she was dancing and now that she is teaching she is even more incredible. I also had a chance to take class with her and she is amazing. The way she relates each movement to a feeling and the way she teaches is incredible. I will also have to say Alessandra Ferri. She is INCREDIBLE. Her technique is of some of the best. Her acting skills are among the best of the ballerinas today. Alessandra Ferri as Juliet is my favorite. SHe is one of the only dancers that can portray a little girl. I can't wait to hear your responses. Hollyberry
  6. Kitsker, What is your real name? Mine is Holly. I was in level C. What level were you in? Yes but I think the Kit Magno was an incredible teacher as well...Didn't you? Do you go to SBT during the year? Can't wait to hear from you. Holly
  7. The summer program Gelsey teaches at is Southern Ballet Theatre in Orlando. Sorry I didn't post that earlier. Thought I had. Thanks for directions alexandra. Talk to you later Hollyberry
  8. This summer I was lucky enough to attend a ballet summer program that Gelsey Kirkland as a guest teacher. She was amazing. She stressed head and arms and upper body even more than feet and turn out. I was very surprised. She was incredible to watch. She just had on a black t-shirt, black jeans and jazz tennis shoes and she could have gone on stage right then and still looked beautiful. Gelsey's class had a lot of character, folk dancing steps in it. Character gives you a better idea of how to use your head. She also was very picky on how to use your hands and arms. I love that stuff. To me the upper body is more lovely to watch when dancing than the legs. I can't wait until the audition for the summer program because she is going to come back next summer. I really want to go back. Oh and one question. How do you get that little smiley face that some people put on their posts? Holly [This message has been edited by Hollyberry (edited 11-21-98).]
  9. I would have to nominate Faruk from the Kirov. He is just amazing. His fire when he dances is femnominal. I couldn't believe it. I saw him do La Corsaire. He was incredible as the leading male. The pas de deux at the end was incredible. The way he made it look as though he was really in love with the prima. Also his extension is unbelievable. His Jumps, his feet. Gosh everything about him. I definitly think Faruk from the Kirov is one of the best guy ballet dancers that I have ever seen. But I do have to agree with a lot of them...Angel Corella is wonderful. WOW. I see him dance at least once a year. And as soon as I come home from a performance, I can't wait until the next. His love for dance shows so much when he is on stage. His jumps and turns are amazing. Plus he is just adorable and cute. I think the top two would have to be Faruk and Angel Corella. Hollyberry
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